We are a niche global business consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations manage their Transformation change journey towards achieving enduring capabilities and business value.

Each of our senior advisors has the profound ability to approach any client question from a holistic point of view due to their multidisciplinary background. We all have worked globally on Finance Transformation projects across multiple clients, industries, and dealt with different cultures while earning degrees from reputable universities.​

"20+ years of Finance Transformation and Change experience" 
"Finance analyzing data | Transformation @ Optimusadvice.com "

We have been advising businesses for over 20 years now, and our senior advisors have the Finance transformation experience and expertise to support you and your business from day one, whatever business issue you have!​

So far, your Finance organization has done well! The governance structure is well defined and the processes are partly automated and efficient. The service delivery is effective.
But the market is changing rapidly.
To keep up, you need to identify this change impact on your finance organization, processes, service delivery, and supporting IT. They might need to be updated, improved, and or redesigned

We at Optimus Advice support your business through this change and transformation leaving you with a better-equipped organization to embrace any uncertainty!

With a can-do mentality, no question or challenge is too hard for us, we thrive on complexity. We are engaged in Finance transformation programs from early ideas, vision, strategy, and business case, right through, design, and the hard yards of delivery.

We have 'Mastered the Art of Integration, Finance Transformation, Change, and Process Excellence', leading to sustainable capability, and are ready to serve you! 


Our Values

Our values represent our thinking as founders of Optimus Advice.  They are our purpose and strategy, our culture, the way we conduct business, and how we treat our clients and our people. 

Our Purpose

To have a positive impact on our clients.

Quality, integrity, and respect are the cornerstones of everything we do when we make an impact that matters for our clients.

Our Value Pillars


Improve our client's performance


Integrity and professional standards


Respect for each individual

  • We are committed to providing the highest quality services that enable clients to achieve growth and increased value.

  • We bring in the breadth and depth of our experience and maintain an independent perspective.​

  • We are straightforward, honest, and inspire trust in our professional opinions, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.

  • We embrace the development of one and another through coaching and mentoring. 

  • We are committed to fair business practices and value diversity and our unique contributions.

  • We keep an open and inclusive culture, with room for collaboration and sharing, an individual's perspective, and respect. 

Scubadiving Trips

Embrace the Unknown

How we work

All successful Transformation and Improvement Programs have a few things in common; trust, adaptability, and capability. You need to be comfortable that we deliver what we agreed with you and nothing less.

We will start by facilitating discussions around your transformation journey, leading to a clear vision, values, and purpose that inspire successful navigation and engagement in project execution.

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Next, we will apply our Lean Holistic Finance Transformation approach ensuring with minimal business effort we can achieve maximal impact for your business getting you options that are fit for your purpose and capture your desired business value! 


We will pinpoint the most relevant insights and identify and apply best-in-class processes and Digital options in a new, innovative way to empower your people, maximize your impact, and delivering the best results with minimum business disruption.


​With our pragmatic Finance Transformation approach, we deliver real and practical results leading to enduring capability and growth. ​In consultation with you, we will implement Continuous improvement sustainability strategies after the implementation to ensure your organization is further equipped for any future changes. 

We are proud of helping leaders globally creating value from ideas to strategy, design, implementation to real tangible results. 


Meet our Managing Directors

A clear destination and direction define the journey towards business success. At Optimus Advice, you can find dedicated partners ready to support your transformation journey towards this success. 

We strongly believe in a personal touch and care deeply about what we do and how this impacts our clients.


Managing Director

CFO Services

"Nurtan Turan @ Optimusadvice.com"

" Our aim is to have a positive impact on our clients and their business so we stay focused, deliver agreed value, and build trustworthy client relationships!”

Quick introduction

Helps companies with their business integration, develops growth strategies, capabilities, and realizes organizational and operational process improvements with digital

Nurtan is a passionate, hands-on, and driven Managing Director CFO services with over 23 years of Finance Transformation and Integration experience within the Private Sector. 


Her focus is on helping CFO’s and senior leaders globally to identify and capture growth and to drive their strategic change. She also brings the advances in digital, six sigma, and best-in-breed technology to her clients to increase process effectiveness and efficiency, compliance, and control.

She has a deep understanding of the obstacles to Business Performance improvements acquired through extensively advising senior executives charged with leading multinational companies and improves the financial performance of struggling business units; She is leading and executing complex global finance transformation programs, managing small to large teams, multi-million-dollar budgets globally across 50+ countries.

The main qualities Nurtan has gained during her career, include exceptional organizing, planning, leadership, problem-solving, and implementation skills. The ability to deliver value through change, out-of-the-box thinking, while collaborating, inspiring, and leading others, adding excellent communication and interpersonal skills means she can ensure on-time delivery of superior performance.

Examples of Nurtan's client work include the following:

  • Implemented a Working Capital strategy across the Asia Pacific Region for a $6.9Bln global software company. DSO reduced by 8 days & 7.9% annual Working capital savings ($63m/y)

  • Improved organizational performance and agility for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, including governance, process change, as well as upskilling leadership capabilities, as part of the new operating model to drive performance. 

  • Managed a global Merger Integration for a $31bn Agriculture business including the future operating model and the SSC setup leading to 45% finance cost savings ($30m).  

  • Developed and managed the growth strategy for a global $20.47Bln manufacturing company including the setup of a Finance SSC resulting in the desired performance improvement and finance cost reduction.

She treats every client company as if it is her own and works hard with a can-do mentality. She coaches CFO's and Finance Leadership in achieving their 100 days-to-year plans and junior mentees in achieving their growth objectives.

She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, a Master of Science degree in Information Systems Management from a University in Michigan, and a bachelor’s degree in business informatics from the Saxion University of Applied Science.

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Managing Director

CFO Services

"Cynthia Mayer Wolf @ Optimsadvice.com"

“Having the ability to execute and implement is an essential step in any transformation. Great ideas fail without appropriate implementation skills.”

Quick introduction

Helps Finance leadership in identifying, developing, and realizing global Performance Improvement  initiatives 

Cynthia is a proactive and hands-on Managing Director CFO Services with over 18 years of working with executive teams to identify, plan, and implement process performance improvement opportunities.


Prior to consulting, Cynthia held executive leadership positions in the agribusiness industry deepening her insights into the real-time challenges. She has experience in leading global projects and complex transformation initiatives.

Over the years, she has developed deep knowledge and experience in Finance Transformation and Planning areas, with a special focus in control of operations, investment analysis, organizational transformation, and corporate strategy, including Local, Regional and Global responsibilities.


Cynthia knows first-hand the challenges that Organisations might face when deciding to transform. As a consultant, she has lead several Finance Transformation projects with a focus in the Americas, including among others the development of Financial Planning models, has acted as Finance Business Partner in the merge of two companies, and has managed Improvement Projects with a focus on Working Capital optimization, Exposure efficiencies, and continuous process improvements.


She is hard-working, has a can-be-done attitude, and a collaborative approach, and has led project teams to successful completion. 

Cynthia holds a Business Administration degree from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina, and has participated in an International Exchange Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Challenges and Testimonial

With COVID-19 we have seen that the finance organization has emerged as the driving force of transformation, and the CFO's are often leading the digital transformation initiative as they are the first to use it for automating their processes to demonstrate potential cost and efficiency savings.

We have worked on these challenging and critical Finance transformation programs. Some of the key themes driving change include:


Process Automation and Faster Close

Automation drives an accurate less time-consuming close.


Ensure on-time closing to free up finance operational teams to work on business-critical items instead of spending time on the mechanics of the reporting cycle itself.


Finance Structure and Service delivery

Automation enables rebalance efforts to spend less time on gathering and validating data and more on analysis and insight. 

Maximize the value of their finance headcount and location strategy for providing service, while using digital transformation to automate process control.


Finance Planning Analytics Strategies

Faster, streamlined budgeting and forecasting to improve the decision-making process.


Self-service allows for report elimination and changes the Finance role. The business expects real-time information and an increased level of insight.

Above are just a subset of transformation areas that we have helped succeed in their journey. 

“I worked with Nurtan on a recent Business Transformation Project where her skills in Business Transformation and Project management combined with sharp Business acumen were a positive influence on the success of the multiple stagnating projects. She is extremely hands-on, focused, and productive which allowed us to deliver the first transformation rollout after a few years of struggle (before she joined). “

- Associate Director at Mace Group

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