Achieving your desired business outcomes and future growth requires an adaptable strategy with smarter insights, embedded technology, and incorporating best practices.

We provide support by optimizing the organization structure and Finance capabilities to ensure you achieve the right level of contribution to and for your business.

This new improved data-driven organization ensures that leadership addresses the challenges of achieving appropriate standards of control, high performance, efficient process automation opportunities, and support the business through insight.

Exploring and achieving the right implementation is for us one of the essential points when delivering the solution.

Some solutions in helping CFO's achieve their Strategy and Improve their Enterprise Performance are along the lines of optimizing working capital to release cash, develop future operating models to be more adaptable to any market disruptions, feasibility studies for global business services, outsourcing deals to reduce complexity and minimize business risk, getting the value out of merger integration, forecast planning analytics strategies to discover insight for future decision making, project management for SAP S/4 Hana implementation, and digital strategies to optimize and improve end-to-end processes.

We have clustered our services around four transformation areas. Below you can find out more about these services.

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Target Operating Model

Understand and be prepared for the Future

Target Operating Model Strategy @Optimusadvice

Do you question which costs and investments create or enable a point of differentiation?

Do you want to explore a new vision for finance or want to bring your organization closer to the best in class?

Do you want to transform your value proposition into real tangible and actionable results?

Traditional finance models will not enable you to be flexible enough to keep pace with the accelerating speed of changes in the market. This speed changes the role of the CFO to focus on both short-term and long-term impact and strategy consequences.

Finance leaders face increasing pressure to transition to an operating model that is more data-driven, adaptable, and fluid. To seamlessly access people, processes, and systems from anywhere warrant flexibility to deal with uncertainty.

An adaptive data-driven model requires out of the box thinking, pragmatism, and broad transformation of the culture, people, processes, and supporting systems with a sound proven method to identify and tackle issues and improvement areas early.

CFO round able @optimusadvice

“We know where we are and where we want to be. The challenge is how to get there, what do we priority first? What capability is important and how do we align the organization?”

CFO round table discussions 2019

"Target Operating Model Digital Vision @Optimusadvice"

At Optimus Advice, we provide the tools and know-how on agile Future Target Operating Model development:


We start by understanding where value is created and how this can be impacted

Outcome: Guiding principles, business drivers, and strategy


With you, we identify your change ambition appetite and design and deploy your future adaptable capability

Outcome: business case, roadmap, change impact, future capability incl digital automation for processes


We ensure your leadership is equipped to sustain the new capability and initiate continuous improvement

Outcome:  Continuous Improvement Strategy including KPIs 

Our pragmatic and lean approach for developing a Future Target Operating Model enables the delivery of the right adaptive data-driven operating model fit for your future.


Post-Merger Integration

Capture the value of the deal

Post Merge Integration @Opimusadvic

Do you want to integrate new businesses and achieve realistic synergies?

Do you want to carve out a business while achieving efficiencies and re-adapt the organization?

Do you question what to integrate and what to leave behind?

A complete Integration Blueprint gives a holistic overview of the Integration
Post Merger Blueprint @Optimusadvice

As Optimus Advice we aim for an effective finance integration, leveraging our Finance Integration Playbook and Transformation knowledge to identify and tackle Integration challenges early in the M&A life cycle.

"Blueprint Post Merger Integration @Optimusadvice"

Business Integration can take months after an M&A deal. Ensuring the most value is captured requires a balance of paying close attention to the detailed Post-merger Integration critical path plan, strategic drivers, stakeholders, and shareholders. 

As Optimus Advice, we aim for an effective Finance integration, leveraging our Finance Integration Playbook and Transformation knowledge to identify and tackle integration challenges early in the M&A life cycle, resulting in a controlled “Day 1” Integration.

Our Finance Integration Playbook provides clarity and clear communication, drives alignment, and enables efficient execution and synergy achievement of the merger and or carveout.

With our combined experience, financial analysis skills, collective insights, and industry knowledge, we pride ourselves on acting quickly and independently to deliver you the promised synergy case.

Integration preparation and plan (first 90 days) until “Day 1” will focus on Developing the Blueprint and Controlling the Integration, followed by:

Sustaning Transformation @Optimusadvice
  • Execution of implementation waves,

  • Stabilization of Business As Usual (BAU), and

  • Synergy achievement through Transformation initiatives!


Service Delivery Model Strategies

Optimize the Finance function

Global Business Servicess | Shared Servces | Outsurcing @optimusadvice

Do you feel stakeholders are not getting the most value from the organization?

Are you seeking to reduce costs, complexity, and improve the efficiency of the Finance function?

Do you have pressure to release the money, resources, and capability?

Traditional Service Delivery Models focused on reducing the end-to-end Finance Back office processing costs. 

Today's Service Delivery Models are no longer just about cost-cutting. They become mainstream business strategies to reduce internal organization complexity, be the foundation for redesign towards being more agile, and repeatedly create value beyond cost reduction.

Agile Shared Services delivery is only achieved with the right Service Delivery Model (SDM) Strategy. A strategy that takes on a more holistic approach. It considering cross functions, leveraging digital automation to run the end-to-end processes, location strategies, and focus on strong governance and collaboration.


Only then the value can be captured repeatedly. It also takes into consideration the in-house vs outsourcing mix, benefits, and risks.

Digital Autoation RPA @optimusadvice
Rarely have  Business continuity  plans been tested to the extent that they are now with COVID-19.  Employees left without access  to a conducive workspace. Broadband connectivity, security, and infrastructure problems to cope with sudden working from home.

These are signs of Service delivery models that are not adaptive. Digital automation is key in sustaining Global Business Services. Let us help you define an SDM strategy that is fit for you and embrace future uncertainty! 

"Busines Disruption Strareg @optimusadvice"
All signs of SDM that is not agile.

The new SMD also entails the infrastructure set-up to support a larger number of processes and services across functions within the company to achieve economies of scale and better customer value.

We start by defining the guiding principles for your new SDM strategy. Next, we evaluate your existing SDM and provide improvement options, including digital automation impact, mitigating risks, the business case, and a detailed roadmap to make the change happen. 

Together we define the SDM strategy and make your organization more flexible, scalable, cost-efficient, and equipped with an effective platform for delivering finance and business enabling processes that will support your overall growth strategy and reduce your internal complexity.

As all strategies are as good as them getting implemented, we will ensure to implement them in the right way to get the most value out of the SDM strategy for you.


Financial Planning Analytics Strategies

Improve the accuracy of forecasts, insight, and decision-making

Financial Planning Forecasting Analytics Strategy @optimusadvice

Are you constantly analyzing different scenarios in a never-ending changing world?

Are you challenged with cash management and exposure last-minute decisions?

Do you need to improve liquidity forecasts to assess financing needs across the organization?

In today’s fast-paced market, business leaders are facing serious challenges – how to make critically well-thought-out decisions in a constantly changing market?


The growing need for more flexible end-user driven financial modeling capabilities and the ability to offer more precise and accurate simulations requires a different approach and business thinking. 

In this case, data is the key strategic differentiator to drive accurate decision-making and overcome these challenges.

At Optimus Advice, we offer the tools to gain predictability in the data to enhance insight and business decision-making. We work close to our clients to understand the specific needs and develop a dynamic three-statement forecasting projection model. 

Decades-long Financial Planning Experience
"Meeting at @Optimusadvice"
"Enterprise Performance Mangement @optimusadvie"

Our market analysis competence is characterized by a deep understanding of the industry logic that we work in. Add our unparalleled Financial know-how, with our data-driven Financial Planning modeling, we can help you to gain the market insight you need!

With you, we boil strategic planning down to only those necessary and sufficient parts to eliminate waste resulting in faster, more collaborative strategy formulation. We apply sensitivity-analysis to evaluate different scenarios and behavior of key-variables.


We leverage our experience to deliver the desired value and tangible results. We will enable improved access to information and collaboration, across teams, without geographic, language, and technical boundaries.

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